A stand-up comedian’s day out at Radio Sarang

“Stand-up comedy is a unique skill for a comedian which is lacking among Konkani people,” said stand-up comedian and artist Ronnie Rodrigues during Thaallo Umaallo programme of Radio Sarang on November 22. He said that he was fascinated by late Mr Edward Quadros, late Mr Mick Max and late Mr Benna Ruzai and many other artists.

Mr Rodrigues said that the comedy always should be ATB (above the belt) and not BTB (below the belt). “Many comedians gain publicity by doing BTB jokes. But out of 100 only one or two per cent gathering might like such comedy and not the remaining 98 per cent,” he added.

He also said that people look young when they smile; they look enthusiastic when they laugh louder and they look happy when they enjoy Jokes. “This increases their life span too,” he opined.

Mr Rodrigues had worked in Qatar for 30 years where MCC Qatar had positive impact on his carrier. He was born in Valencia and at present lives along with his wife and three children in Valencia. He has contributed to Timothy Nites in Mumbai as a compere and a comedian.