Brass band artists come to Radio Sarang

Brass band artists Cyprian Menezes and J R Furtado were the guest for the Tallo Umallo Konkani live programme at Radio Sarang on July 19. They spoke about the issues related to brass band in these difficult times.
"The lockdown has really affected our profession. I know only this profession. I am helpless when we do not have demand. I used to teach in several schools. Now they are all closed almost for two years and it has been a struggle," Mr Furtado said.
Cyprian Menzes said that brass band artist today maintain their discipline. "Olden days, brass band was a profession filled with drunkards. But things have changed a lot these days," he added.
They also pointed out that while there is unity among brass band artists, the same was missing among the owners.
Many listeners interacted with the artists.