I am a comedian and I do not cry behind the scene: Richard Sequiera

“We must smile, laugh and enjoy our life, and this is what keeps me going in my life,” said Richard Sequeira during Taallo Umallo live phone-in programme here on September 13.

Mr Sequeira hails from Valencia, and is popularly known as "Richam" or "Sikeram" in and around Mangalore.

Mr Sequeira has acted in more than 100 Konkani dramas. His popular comedy troupe 'Memory' has enthralled scores of people with rib-tikling jokes. He has also acted in Konkani movies and serials.

Mr Sequiera said that acting was a hobby for him and does not give him his daily bread. “But because of my talent people notice me. In Konkani world none of the artists can sustain themselves financially through their talent,” he lamented.  

Mr Sequeira has also acted in gulf countries and given his performance in various nites of different musicians.  

He also spoke about his family. His elder son Robin is also an internationally recognised artist and singer.

By profession, Mr Sequeira is a pigmy collector. He worked for Syndicate Bank and at present he does pigmy collection for MCC Bank.