Noted singer Ivy D'Souza's musings at Tallo Umalla

On Monday, August 16, noted Konkani singer Ivy D'Souza was the guest of honour for the Konkani live Tallo Umallo programme. She was born in Jeppu. At present she resides at Shakthinagar along with her husband and two daughters. She lost her father at the age of two and mother when she was in class VI. Later on her grandmother took care of her. Ms Ivy said that despite all these tragedies, life had given her much, especially as a singer.
Ms Ivy has been complemented many times for he voice, as some say that it matches the legendery Latha Mangeshkar. Ivy has sung in over 300 albums, both devotional and general.
According to Ivy, music is an unfinished subject. There is a lot to study in it everyday. "The more we sing the more we come to know that there is still more to learn," she said.
Ivy is a guiding force for her daughters. She has promoted both her daughters into the singing feild.