Rajyotsava awardee Harold D’Souza at Radio Sarang

Karnataka Rajyotsava awardee and brass band artist Harold Cyril D’Souza was the guest at ‘Taallo Umaallo’ Konkani live phone in programme on November 15. His brass band has seen three generations. It was started by Lawrence D’Souza (Loriyam) in 1906.

Later the band was continued by Mr D’Souza’s father late Michael Ambrose D'Souza (Eddiyam).

After completing just 9th standard in St Aloysius High School, Mr D’Souza followed the footprints of his father and grandfather and continued their mission and took the brass band art to greater hights.

He has already contributed 8 CDs to Konkani music world, out of which two are given the complete flavour of brass band music. His devotional album has been a superhit.

He said that when he started his journey in brass band as a trumpet player, he used to get just Rs 22, and a drummer artist got Rs 17. “The present generation has lost the real value of music and money has gained value. People cheat and betray others for money,” he lamented.

Many listeners greeted Mr D'Souza on his achievements. He also presented few trumpet pieces.